Tips and Tricks for Momentile Domination

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88mph URLs
Wish you could go back in time and see what was interesting to someone on a certain day? Just enter either a username or location followed by a trailing slash then the month, day and year (MM-DD-YYYY). For example: What was Derek doing on August 29, 2008? Fire up the flux capacitor, no need to provide the 1.21 gigawatts, we’ve got you covered.
That’s right, we said stalking. Want to know when a particular user uploads a new photo? Stalk ’em and get email and/or mobile notifications. You can start by finding some interesting folks to stalk on the Everyone page. There you can see what all the wonderful Momentile users are uploading, see the most viewed Momentiles, most captioned, and most stashed. You can also search for users by email address, username, or location.
Mobile Uploads
The quickest and easiest way to get your Momentiles to your account. Plus, it helps free your photos from your phone! Just send an email to your secret upload email address (which looks like with your photo attached, that’s it! If you want to write a little something to entice your stalkers to view your photo, write something in the subject line.
If you really like a certain momentile just stash it! To stash a momentile all you have to do is click the “Stash This” link to the right of the tile you want to stash. Once you’ve stashed a momentile it will show up on your profile. This is another good way to find users to stalk, try going to other peoples profiles and see what they’re stashing.
You can have a tweet automatically sent when you upload. Just click on the “Notification Settings” link in your dashboard and you can link your Twitter account to your Momentile account. You can also set a default tweet message to be used if you omit an upload message, set your default tweet in the "Account Settings" section of your dashboard. And if you want to be informed of site updates, events and other cool stuff, follow us on Twitter (
Want to have your uploads automatically uploaded to your Facebook profile? Just go to the "Notification Settings" section of your dashboard and click the "Connect with Facebook" button. Once you have connected your Facebook profile with your Momentile account, your uploads will automatically be posted to your profile.
If you have an iOS device, then you should probably download the *free* Momentile app. It supports multiple accounts and geo-tagging of your photos. That’s right, a little bonus feature in the app is the ability to see *where* people are uploading photos from. Just turn your device sideways when viewing the everyone or your stalkees feed and you’ll see a map with pinpoints of where users are uploading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I have multiple photos per day?
Because Momentile is a “picture-a-day” photo diary. We want to challenge you to find a particular moment to represent your day. Momentile is not for stream-of-consciousness style uploading. Don’t flood your friends feeds with a photo every 10 minutes: upload one photo with meaning, everyday.
What happens if I upload more than once a day?
You can upload as many times as you like, however, only the single most recent image will be saved to your account within a 24 hour period.
I missed a day. Now what?
We’re sorry to hear that. Currently there is no way to upload for a previous date. We feel constraints like this make Momentile special and that is why we created this service. We do realize that sometimes things happen and it is simply impossible to get online. For that reason we are going to roll out a mulligans feature in the near future.
Stalkers? Eww, that’s creepy.
Perhaps. But we feel like we are just calling it like we see it. Is it “stalking” to follow your friends on Twitter and Facebook and know everything they are thinking and doing? Peering into their lives, one post at a time? Maybe. The major difference here is that you only see what the person you are “stalking” wants you to see. They have freely posted content to be consumed by the unwashed masses of the inter-tubes. So, no, we don’t think it’s creepy, we think it’s fun… you should try it.
Why can’t I write captions on my own ‘Tiles?
Captions are a fun and creative way to, well, caption a photo that doesn’t have an explanation. If you gave your own photo a caption that kind of defeats the purpose, no? You were there. You lived it. Let some other anonymous folks on the internet have some fun with your shots.
What are your content guidelines?
Our only specific “no no’s” here are: absolutely no hardcore pornography, graphic violence, or hate speech. Beyond that we recommend that you just have fun, enjoy yourself and please, don’t be an a-hole.
I've got a problem! How can I contact you?
If you didn't find your answer here, then you can send an email to support (at) Please include as much information as you can about your problem, and we'll do our best to set things straight for you.