Welcome to the jungle…

Yep, we built a brand flippin’ new website!

This isn’t just a fancy makeover, oh no, this is a rebuild. Like the 6 Million Dollar Man, Momentile has been rebuilt to be better, stronger and faster. Please take a minute to read the tips below to ensure you get the most out of the new Momentile.

Here’s what you need to do:
You’ve got to recover your password. Why? Well, since the site is a complete rebuild we had to migrate all of your data into the new system. And we are not foolish enough to store your passwords as plain-text, so we couldn’t wouldn’t shouldn’t bring your passwords along for the migration ride, hence the need for you to recover your password. NOTE! You can still upload via email like you normally would even before you have recovered your password, but you should probably not dilly-dally and just do it right now.
That’s it?
After you recover your password, you’re all set! That’s it! We tried to make migration as painless as possible, and we hope it was. There are few odds and ends you’ll probably want to check out like your location, mobile settings, and Twittter and Facebook connections. Just go to your dashboard and take a gander at the "Account Settings" and "Notification Settings" sections.
What is new in this land of milk and honey?
All the code. All of it. We are now using the powerful kick-assery of the Django platform to power the website and API. And, you may have noticed, the user interface is brand new and designed to be lean and mean.
What happened to user-to-user messaging?
We decided that user-to-user messaging was not core to the Momentile philosophy and experience. Momentile is about your photos and your life. We may re-implement it in the future, but for now it’s off the table. We apologize to anyone who really loved the feature and if we get enough feedback, we’ll consider re-adding it.
Where in the hell are my tiles?!
DON’T PANIC! We’ve got your tiles safe and sound. Since there are so many momentiles that have been uploaded over the past 2.5 years or so it is going to take a while to get them all into the new system. We will be running nightly migrations to import everyone’s tiles. You will get all of your tiles back in due time, we are pushing the bits through the ether as hard as we can, but we must be gentle as to not completely overwhelm the site. Your tiles are safe, you will see them soon.
Where in the hell are my captions and stash?!
We can’t migrate your stash and captions until all the tiles have been migrated, but rest assured you will get them back. Newly stashed tiles and newly written captions all still work just fine, so why not bulk up your stash and captions in the meantime?
Did you say API earlier?
YES! We finally have a real API complete with OAuth authentication and output formats like JSON, XML, and YAML. It is not open to the public just yet, but checkout the documentation and drop us a line to support at momentile dot net if you want access.